TVAI Testimonials

Studio Class Testimonial:

“TVAI students, please know how fortunate you are to have the opportunity to participate in Studio Class with Ms. Jen.  A few years ago when I participated in SC, I remember feeling overwhelmed and a bit fearful of singing in front of an audience.  At the time, I didn't realize how much SC would help prepare me for my future career in this challenging performing arts industry.  Now that I'm in the professional world, I frequently attend auditions in NYC, and I am happy to tell you that Ms. Jen's SC accurately prepares you for the typical audition protocol you will encounter in the real world.  This includes the songs that Ms. Jen recommends for you to sing, the specific way she guides you to organize, copy, and mark your cuts in your vocal book, the appropriate attire she tells you to dress in, and the way she teaches you to interact with the accompanist, slate to the casting table, and make a good first impression.  All of this is standard in the professional world.  My best advice to you is to pay close attention during SC and appreciate the time you have in this class because it is extremely beneficial for your future!” ~ Lucy Spring